At Cranfield we know the importance of working with a Bank who is committed to assisting you and your business, providing sound advice and support when required and facilitating your business to realise its full potential.

So why would you ever wish to change your banker?  There may be many answers to this question but usually it is a fundamental breakdown in the working relationship between the parties that lies at the heart of a decision by clients to change banking arrangements or a decision of the Bank to withdraw support. Trust is probably the key element to any business banking relationship. When this is lost, for whatever reason, it can sour the relationship beyond repair.

Banks may also alter their internal lending policies during an ongoing business relationship. Should your business operate in a sector that your Bank is no longer comfortable supporting, you may find the trading relationship becoming more challenging.

This is where Cranfield can help.  Working with you, we can help resolve the banking issues that your business may face.  We will help you understand the position that may be being adopted by your current banker and more importantly seek to introduce your business to an alternate bank who may be more sympathetic to your issues and are seeking to support the sector in which you operate. No matter what the size of your business Cranfield can help you find the right banking solution.

The search for the right financial solution begins & ends with Cranfield, so contact us today.