Grant & Public Sector Funding

Attempting to raise finance through traditional sources to provide for the needs of an ever expanding business can be at times frustrating. Many businesses are unaware of the numerous grants and loans available through Central Government and Local Authority schemes. This financial support is designed to be used by businesses for numerous purposes, including but not limited to assisting the growth potential of your business through exporting goods and services to businesses based overseas.

Cranfield assist businesses with access to funding schemes supported by the public purse to purchase new equipment, expand existing business premises and / or employ new staff. The funding is provided either in the form of a direct loan, a top up loan in conjunction with additional funding arranged or a cash grant / matched funding with say 50% of the funds required being raised either by the business through its own cash reserves or via its bank. In some cases funding can be provided by way of a Government guarantee (EFG Loan) in support of bank funding.

The important considerations are whether the business has a viable proposal and a financial track record to support its trading projections, with some issue preventing the business from implementing its strategy.

So who can benefit from a grant or public sector loan?

  • Viable businesses turned down for funding by the banks.
  • Companies looking to expand to meet their growth needs.
  • Companies looking to employ new staff or move premises.
  • Businesses looking to export their goods or services overseas.
  • Profitable business with a weak balance sheet.

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