Asset vehicle finance

Whether you are seeking to replace a fleet of vehicles, new or additional stock for your business or weights and treadmills for a new gymnasium then asset finance provides a flexible and tailored solution for business. Whether to lease or buy the asset(s) is also a key consideration with both options having respective benefits and drawbacks. So early advice should be sought from your professional advisor to determine the most appropriate product solution.

There are numerous providers of Asset Finance in the lending market and sourcing the solution that is right for your business is not always straightforward. Therefore, whether it is a long established company with a solid trading record, a new start-up looking to fund its first equipment purchase or a business with an adverse credit history, we have access to a wide variety of lenders who can assist. 

So, who can benefit from using Asset Finance?

  • Virtually any business operating within any sector
  • Those looking to make a capital purchase for new machines, vehicles or just about any other type of equipment
  • Whether a company with a strong track record, a new business start-up or a business with adverse credit history, a solution can usually be sourced to meet the needs of the business
  • If relocating from existing premises, asset finance can also assist in furnishing the new office

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